I choose NeoBear for AR in early education

A high-tech enterprise focusing on animation, high technology and early childhood education
Company profile
A high-tech dream maker for children

Founded in December 2009, YoungZone Culture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has enjoyed the success in cross-disciplinary integration of media and internet-based interaction technology for over a decade, and has reported impressive results in business segments that include animation, games and culture.

Strategically, the company primarily develops high-tech toys, gradually exploring other related areas to finally create a set of well-established brand image and service systems as well as striving for a comprehensive competitive advantage in becoming the world’s leading high-tech entertainment product supplier for children. Our vision is to transform preschool education in a scientific way, as well as integrate science and culture into this new era in children’s entertainment.

Our team
Neo Xiong Founder of NeoBear, creative technology brand for children
Chairman and CEO
Tec Liu CTO & Senior VP
Gerry Ji COO & CFO
Investment background
The AR technology field obtained one of the highest domestic investments: Two rounds of investment amounting to 350 million RMB In October 2016, NeoBear announced its completion of Series B financing of 230 million RMB. B&D Capital was the lead investor and GGV, while Qualcomm Ventures and Huashi Group were secondary investors. The company concluded Series A round financing of 120 million RMB in September 2015. GGV was the lead investor, with Qualcomm Ventures, ZTE HeChuang, Sinolink Securities and Haitong Capital and Liuhe Capital as secondary investors.

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