NeoBear introduces Popup AR Paintings: AR Bible, which draws from bible culture using condensed versions of century-old stories. AR Bible reveal a profound culture and ideology, inspiring young minds with easy-to-understand stories and vibrant animation.

Painting 3D animation on paper, igniting artistic talent
Containing 30 sets of brilliant 3D animation color content!
  • The Honly Cross
  • The Honly Spirit
  • Heaven
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Moses and the Staff
  • Moses Parts the Sea
P4God Created the World P6God Made Animals P8Adam and Eve P10The Forbidden Fruit P12Noah’s Ark
P14The Dove Delivers Good News P16The Tower of Babel P18Isaac and the Wells P20Jacob Wrestles with God P22Joseph Interprets the Dream
P4The Egyptian Princess Adopts Moses P6Moses and the Staff P8Moses Parts the Sea P10The Ark of the Covenant P12Samson Slays a Lion
P14The Prophet Samuel Hears the Voice of God in his Dream P16David Kills the Giant Goliath P18Jonah and the Whale P20Elijah P22Solomon’s Temple
P4The Angel Told Mary the Good News P6The Star of Bethlehem P8The Babe in the Manger P10Young Jesus and the Rabbis P12Jesus Receives His Disciples
P14The Baptism of Jesus P16Five Loaves and Two Fish Feed the Multitude P18Jesus the Shepherd P20Jesus Cleanses the Temple P22The Resurrection of Lazarus
P4Jesus Rides a Donkey into Jerusalem P6The Last Supper P8Jesus Washes the Feet of His Discioles P10Jesus Prays in Gethsemane P12Judas Kisses Jesus
P14Jwsus before Pilate P16Peter Disowns Jesus P18The Holy Cross P20The Holy Spint P22Heaven
Operation steps
Product contents
  • 1 set of AR Bible Popup AR Paintings: contains four colored drawings.
  • 40 colored sketches
  • Bonus gift: 8 healthy crayons
  • Activate up to 5 devices

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