AR Globe: a new concept of global. Changing the way children see the world

AR Globe is the new early education product for children by NeoBear based on AR (augmented reality) technology. With the world’s leading globe surface identifying and tracking technology and 3D rendering technology, children can have a direct and comprehensive picture of the whole world. NeoBear’s AR Globe, as a high-tech multi-functional product, has revolutionized the cognition model of traditional globe so that children can acquire huge amounts of knowledge easily.

AR Globe: a window to knowledge
7 themed modes
In addition to the basic functions of traditional globes in helping children develop their geographic knowledge, AR Globe boasts several unique functions. As children switch between the seven modes, they explore the world from different perspectives, including countries, landmarks, animals and natural phenomenon. AR Globe offers a fresh visual experience and the infinite dreams.
  • Country mode Learn about national customs and geography of over 170 countries
  • Buildings mode Learn about the famous landmarks across the world
  • Animals mode Learn about those rare animals in different parts of the world
  • Dinosaurs mode Explore the prehistoric civilization about 160 million years ago
  • Planet motion mode Learn about the eight planets in solar system
  • Natural geology mode Witness rare natural wonders and explore the magical structure of the earth
  • My homeland Global accurate positioning, real-time weather broadcast
  • 更多模式
    更多模式 持续更新中...
AR Globe in three easy steps
Product contents

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