Balala the Fairies Popup AR Paintings includes characters from Rainbow Stone, Magic Melody and Miracle Dance, including Xiao Lan, Meiqi, Meixue, Xiao Qian, Princess Beibei, and lovely spirits. Fairies in pretty dresses dance to beautiful music, filling each page with the Babala spirit.

Painting 3D animation on paper, igniting artistic talent
Containing 40 sets of brilliant 3D animation color content!
  • 悦音提琴魔法棒
  • 变身器
  • 奇迹舞步之美雪
  • 小卷
  • 美雪
  • 彩虹心石之美雪
P4小蓝 P6小麦 P8变身器 P10悦音钢琴魔法棒 P12彩虹心石之小蓝
P4奇迹舞步之小蓝 P6梦幻旋律之小蓝 P8Q版小蓝 P10布娃娃小蓝 P12魔仙台小蓝
P4美琪 P6花生 P8变身器 P10悦音提琴魔法棒 P12彩虹心石之美琪
P4奇迹舞步之美琪 P6梦幻旋律之美琪 P8Q版美琪 P10布娃娃美琪 P12魔仙台美琪
P4美雪 P6小卷 P8变身器 P10悦音钢琴魔法棒 P12彩虹心石之美雪
P4奇迹舞步之美雪 P6梦幻旋律之美雪 P8Q版美雪 P10布娃娃美雪 P12魔仙台美雪
P4贝贝 P6咖啡 P8变身器 P10悦音钢琴魔法棒 P12彩虹心石之贝贝
P4奇迹舞步之贝贝 P6梦幻旋律之贝贝 P8Q版贝贝 P10布娃娃贝贝 P12魔仙台贝贝
Operation steps
Product contents
  • 1 set of Balala the Fairies Popup AR Paintings: contains four colored drawings.
  • 40 colored sketches
  • Bonus gift: 8 healthy crayons
  • Activate up to 5 devices

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