Big-headed son and small-headed father are good friends and a happy family. This classic animation depicts the epitome of all Chinese families. Despite occasional clashes and the challenges life can bring, warmth and happiness are the predominant themes. The warmth of the family is a never-ending source of motivation for children, and with Popup AR Paintings, you can create your own story for big-headed son and small-headed father.

Painting 3D animation on paper, igniting artistic talent
Containing 30 sets of brilliant 3D animation color content!
  • 爱说话的鹦鹉
  • 喔喔大公鸡
  • 荷塘月色
  • 欢乐全家福
  • 美丽的水族箱
  • 害虫天敌小青蛙
P4斑点狗玩皮球 P6孔雀开屏 P8蝴蝶飞舞 P10瓢虫 P12爱说话的鹦鹉
P14喔喔大公鸡 P16荷塘月色 P18害虫天敌小青蛙 P20美丽的水族箱 P22欢乐全家福
P4喷气小飞机 P6溜冰鞋套装 P8炫酷滑板鞋 P10空中飞艇 P12蒸汽小火车
P14欢乐电动车 P16卡车 P18消防车 P20救护车 P22警车
P4摩天轮 P6碰碰车 P8太空飞船 P10动物热气球 P12彩色气球
P14小狗踩皮球 P16人间大炮 P18杂技熊 P20神奇的魔术帽 P22旋转咖啡杯
Operation steps
Product contents
  • 1 set of Big-headed son and small-headed father Popup AR Paintings: contains three colored drawings.
  • 30 colored sketches
  • Bonus gift: 8 healthy crayons
  • Activate up to 5 devices
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