The little children will sooner or later grow into the brave heroes. Charmingly naïve characters, such as GG Bond who eats a snack at the first sign of trouble, the mighty Superman Qiang and profoundly knowledgeable Fei Fei, come to life in extremely enticing animations: all it takes is your paintbrush.

Painting 3D animation on paper, igniting artistic talent
Containing 40 sets of brilliant 3D animation color content!
P4猪猪侠 P6铁掌虎 P8五灵锁-金 P10菲菲 P12火焰鹤
P14五灵锁-火 P16怪兽研究社 P18神秘人 P20变色龙 P22超级棒棒糖
P4请接受我的花 P6超人强 P8石甲熊 P10五灵锁-土 P12波比
P14神木猿 P16五灵锁-木 P18研究社JEEP P20毒幻蛾 P22白雪公主
P4来比一比! P6小呆呆 P8冰封鹿 P10五灵锁-冰 P12迷糊老师
P14三尾狐 P16童话世界国王 P18小红帽 P20播音王子 P22爸爸我爱你!
Operation steps
Product contents
  • 1 set of GG Bond Popup AR Paintings: contains three colored drawings.
  • 30 colored sketches
  • Bonus gift: 8 healthy crayons
  • Activate up to 5 devices

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