AR interactive 3D flashcards “Live” flash cards! 360° rotation, audio and visuals as well as fun interaction bring these flashcard pictures to life. AR interactive 3D flashcards eliminate the monotony of traditional flashcards, making learning and growing funnier for everyone.
AR interactive 3D colored picture book Popup AR Paintings is more than a colored picture book. It offers each child the rare opportunity to apply their understanding of color and use their imaginations to create and doodle. Their masterpieces can be instantly transformed into 3D cartoons, allowing children to paint a “live” 3D world that ignites the senses.
150 days Repeated testing
1000 Secret R&D’s
World-renowned Cartoon characters
Over 400 Colored works
AR interactive STEM teaching aids Using Augmented Reality technology (AR) bring the world into your living room. With a simple click, you can travel all around the globe which contains thousands of knowledge, discovering each and every corner of the world! A virtual globe is a 3D software model of the Earth, which perfectly designed for kids with the ability to freely move around in a virtual environment by changing the viewing angle and position.

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