Kung Food is a children’s favorite, thanks to its impressive qualities of courage, kindness, unification and perseverance. The vivid characters include the passionate Baoqiang, the innocent yet determined Sihai and the wave-riding Zhenghe. Children can pick up their paintbrushes to create their very own Kung Food hero.

Painting 3D animation on paper, igniting artistic talent
Containing 30 sets of brilliant 3D animation color content!
  • 青口海盗-马鲁
  • 塔么于
  • 斗斗
  • 巧巧
  • 偏口陈
  • 游万金
P4包强 P6花小蕾 P8四海 P10塔么于 P12刀客旗鱼
P14邪魔瓦姬特 P16少年英雄卡布 P18气泡中的金龙鱼 P20沙漠国神庙 P22狮身人面像
P4巧巧 P6呙奎 P8斗斗 P10龅牙 P12对眼
P14青口海盗—马鲁 P16勇士班图 P18猩猩 P20蒸盒号 P22波塞迪亚神庙
P4三文武藏 P6油万金 P8偏口陈 P10哈马丹 P12达野
P14菲娜女王 P16迅猛海螺 P18女娲 P20悲剧号 P22蒸笼屋
Operation steps
Product contents
  • 1 set of Kung Food Popup AR Paintings: contains three colored drawings.
  • 30 colored sketches
  • Bonus gift: 8 healthy crayons
  • Activate up to 5 devices

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